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"The New Standard for Shoreline Permit Management Operations"

The Adept Enterprise ® Shoreline Permit Management System is a web-based software tool that provides for the comprehensive management of shorelines. It is specifically designed for Hydropower Project Reservoirs licensed by FERC, Corporate Real Estate Divisions, Water Districts and the U.S. Army Corps Lake and Recreation operations.

Adept's Shoreline Permit system consolidates your shoreline management operations and workflow processes, providing convenient, centralized access to shoreline permit and license data. Every Adept solution comes with end to end customization tailored to meet the unique and growing needs of your organization. Adept also offers Hosted Software as a Service plans for all its products, providing customers with state of the art, Secure Cloud options.


Automate Permit Tracking and Workflow

Be more productive with Adept Enterprise ® software. Reduce paperwork, efficiently monitor and enforce permit, lease and license requirements and resources on your existing project lands. Issue and track permits for approved uses with ease, consistent with your existing Shoreline Management Plan.

Adept's enhanced Workflow Automation feature enables you to tailor your teamís activities, helping your staff to prioritize workload and to stay on schedule.

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Compliance Enforcement

The Adept Enterprise ® Shoreline Management System helps you to oversee shoreline activities and take action against unauthorized encroachments along your project boundaries. Reinforce your SMP goals by ensuring that adjacent property owners and marinas apply for permits prior to facility development and use. Effortlessly issue, track and collect penalty fees on Notices of Violation for infractions.

Adept's Clients can consolidate multiple databases into one manageable location, automate manual processes, prioritize work and cut expenses by eliminating paper-based procedures. Productivity increases and errors are virtually eliminated.

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Consolidate Your Legacy Data

Eliminate redundant processes and save costs by consolidating multiple data sources into one centralized location. Integrate your legacy data, Tax Assessor files, Mailing lists, inventoried property data and scanned files within Adept Enterprise ®, automatically generating individual Permits with Approved Use categories or license records as needed.

GIS Data and Map Integration

The existing GIS maps created within your own GIS systems interface directly with Adept Enterprise ®, linking mapping and aerial imagery property information with property ownership data that is instantly accessible by Field Inspectors in real time. The Adept system pinpoints the specific location of project boundaries using GIS data and identifies the types of uses and facilities located along your shoreline

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Security is our Top Priority

A key feature separating Adept systems from all others is our game changing Adept Secure ® security technology that is integrated within all of our software systems. Adept's revolutionary technology is never breached, ensuring that sensitive data remains safe and that end users are protected. Adept provides this seamless level of protection without the use of complicated protocols and system performance is never compromised.

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