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Take advantage of emerging opportunities. Adept Technologies understands your challenges and needs Ė we have the expertise to implement business solutions that help your company work more productively and profitably.

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Private Software as a Service (SaaS)

(SaaS) is a software model enabling users to access centrally hosted applications residing in a Private Cloud Computing environment over the Internet. Software as a Service is a flexible delivery model that can help reduce costs, streamline management and deployment processes and enhance working relationships with your business customers. Adeptís Secure Private Cloud provides simplicity, reliability and never before seen levels of security. Your organization will accomplish more, with far less cost and all of our affordable solutions are custom fit to match your individual IT requirements.

Adeptís Enterprise Security Solution

Data Breaches and attacks are an increasing threat to corporations who face the prospect of severe impact on their branding and reputation due to increased negative sentiment driven by news of cybercrime. A majority of executives agree that mitigating reputational risk is crucial to business and that managing IT Security plays a major role in these efforts.

Security has always been a primary consideration in designing Adept Technologiesí products and is an integral part of our software, from our source code to our database and remote user connectivity.

Our newly-developed, ground breaking security technology is now available as a stand-alone product that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, providing a never before seen level of security. Our technology provides seamless, 100 per cent protection for all Web, Windows, Remote, Network, Email, Banking/Trading and Proprietary software.

Energy Sector

Energy and Utility executives have been quick to focus on the imperative to engage their customer base in order to gain insights that can be leveraged into actionable information.
Todayís consumers are more connected and their expectations from utilities are greater due to the interactions they have with banks, Web retailers, and other online sources. There is a clear need for E&Us to improve on their response time in order to meet customer expectations and to engage consumers as individuals.

By offering a mature, FERC-compliant solution that provides Workflow Automation, Centralized Data access, GIS Mapping Integration and Secure Internet access by Staff and Customers alike, Adept Technologies is uniquely positioned to cater to the current and future needs of the Energy Industry.

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