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Adept Enterprise ® brings Energy Resource Management Automation into the 21st Century.

The Adept Enterprise ® Energy Resource Management System is a powerful, Web and Windows-based enterprise solution for Federal and State Energy Departments, Independent Systems Operators and Energy Forecasters to manage existing and renewable energy resources.
With Adept's Secure Private Cloud technology, end users can access the system anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Adept's Energy Resource Management system helps Power Management professionals to create and manage activity records for the timely management of all power system processes. End-users can easily process applications and search existing records for energy resources available by area. An enhanced workflow system tracks tasks, accelerating the approval process for reviews and inspections for power generation and management. The Adept Workflow system allows activities to be coordinated between multiple departments, the public, and outside agencies.


Create and Track Activities

The Adept Energy Resource Management system enables users to automate activity processes based on established energy policies and compliance regulations. The Adept system radically reduces paperwork by efficiently tracking existing and approved activities, modifications, transfers of ownership, power generation and usage.

Smart Meter, Smart Power, Smart Grid, and Smart Customer Technology

Adept's Energy Resource Management system enables users to incorporate emerging energy management technologies under development. Demand side management systems incorporate into the Adept System through secure network and private cloud technology that helps manage supply side management systems.

Automate the Application Process and Workflows

Utility Managers leverage the Adept system to automate and centralize formerly manual and paper-based processes, driving productivity while reducing errors and cost. A key feature of the Adept solution is Dynamic Workflow Automation that allows multiple users to track and manage tasks and activity process timelines. Supervisors and property owners are instantly informed on the status of projects and energy resources. The Adept system automatically assigns user tasks to specific activities with due dates that help the user track and prioritize their tasks. Workflow tasks include routing plans and documents, perform field inspections and monitor task status and outcomes.

Consolidate Multiple databases

Multiple databases on separate platforms and locations can be extracted and consolidated into one centralized system that eliminates redundant work processes. Databases can include Land, Address, Parcel and Owner information, Contractor, Applications, Legacy data, GIS maps and Scanned historic documents.

Reporting Tools

Crystal Reports is fully integrated with the Adept system to enhance analysis for appropriate shoreline use, environmental impact, violation history for Legal departments and in monitoring trends for future public recreation demand and facility need. Your System Administrator has access to create and change report criteria and formatting as needed.

Integration with GIS Systems

Existing GIS systems interface directly with the Adept solution. Visual maps of parcel and land resource information, including property boundaries, contours, historic properties, legal information and energy activities are leveraged and stored in the Adept system for historical reference.

Remote Access in the Field

The Adept Energy Resource Management system is designed to provide full support for field inspectors allowing them to have real-time, full access to the necessary data to perform inspections, validate activities and start on-site applications. Inspectors are more productive on site, spending less time in the office.

Future Expansion

Adept offers end to end customization to meet the unique and growing needs of our customers. Adept's Energy Resource Management solution has the flexibility to add and expand features, work flows and user interfaces as needed.

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