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Automate Permit Tracking and Workflow

Be more productive with Adept Enterprise ® software. Reduce paperwork, efficiently monitor and enforce permit, lease and license requirements and resources on your existing project lands. Issue and track permits for approved uses with ease, consistent with your existing Shoreline Management Plan.

Adept's enhanced Workflow Automation feature enables you to tailor your team's activities, helping your staff to prioritize workload and to stay on schedule.Federally licensed hydroelectric projects are responsible for the management and control of shoreline developments and to ensure that related shoreline development activities occur within project boundaries. The Adept Shoreline system ensures compliance with Federal license requirements, efficiently automating the shoreline management process.

Adept's shoreline management tools provide for the effortless issuance, transfer and tracking of permits and licenses. The Adept system manages the process for property owners adjacent to your project boundary who are developing a facility or requesting a use by automating the entire permit application process from submission and approval, through to the issuing of permits and performance of the final inspection.

Your Adept shoreline system can be set-up with your existing legacy permit data and/or with new permit records created by performing an inventory of uses for each property. Individual property data is linked with your County or Township tax assessor parcel records, as well as your existing GIS system.

As applications are submitted for approval, built in search tools quickly help your staff find the relevant permit or property record. Automated workflow routing assigns pre-defined tasks to responsible parties and track deadlines, helping staff to prioritize their workload. Specific Use and facility specifications, such as size, location and construction materials are entered. During the permit review process, the status of individual permits is automatically updated, identifying the current permit process stage for accurate, on demand reporting and analysis.

Shoreline offices that collect Annual Fees based on marina licenses or calculated facility sizes are supported by the Adept Annual Fee system that automatically computes fees and generates property invoices based on your process-specific criteria, interfacing directly with your accounting department for billing.

Shoreline Management Key Features

    arow-rightThe versatile Adept System can track permit records and land uses for a property
    arow-rightThe Adept System tracks Violations, Complaints, Pre-Applications and Certified Contractors
    arow-rightTransfers all of a  property’s data to a new owner
    arow-rightApply custom business rules and alerts to prohibit permit issuance
    arow-rightRun reports in Crystal for accurate data analysis
    arow-rightStore and retrieve correspondence and photos
    arow-rightOnline application portal for applications and electronic document uploads
    arow-rightSystem Admin tools for staff user administration and configuration

System Benefits

    arow-rightThe Adept Shoreline System is the only mature, dedicated product developed and refined with ongoing feedback from our Shoreline customers
    arow-rightGreatly improve your organization's capacity to meet FERC requirements
    arow-rightReduce the time and resources required to manage operations
    arow-rightEvery Adept Shoreline System implementation is custom tailored to your specific requirements
    arow-rightAdept software systems are also offered as Secure Cloud-based, Hosted solutions that minimize system management and data security concerns

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