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GIS Data and Map Integration

The existing GIS maps created within your own GIS systems interface directly with Adept Enterprise ®, linking mapping and aerial imagery property information with property ownership data that is instantly accessible by Field Inspectors in real time. The Adept system pinpoints the specific location of project boundaries using GIS data and identifies the types of uses and facilities located along your shoreline.

The seamless Adept GIS interface links directly with your existing GIS systems, updating permit and facility information from within the Adept system and is synchronized with updated data from your Tax Assessor. You can view a visual map layout of your shoreline facilities during the permit application review process as well as for the processing of real estate transfers and violations. Maps from Adept Enterprise ® can be made available for access by the public.

Staff can quickly view property maps within Adept Enterprise ® by selecting an address, parcel number or owner name and clicking the GIS Link button. Adept GIS pinpoints the location of the selected property and queries relevant GIS data such as encroachments, tax parcel, flood plain, Right of Way, steep slope, historic, land use, inspector zones and other related data.

With the Adept Enterprise ® GIS interface, your GIS Department or outsourced GIS vendor becomes an integral part of the assigned workflow process and maps are drawn based on issued permits and active violation records. The Adept system will ensure that your existing GIS resources keep your GIS data maps current and up to date during the review process.

Stay ahead of FERC requirements, efficiently maintaining GIS data on the project reservoir and shoreline management classifications as part of your SMP.

Adept GIS Benefits

    arow-rightIntegrates seamlessly with your existing GIS system
    arow-rightCreates custom map views
    arow-rightAvailable public access to GIS maps
    arow-rightFacilitates Shoreline Permit determination, issuance & tracking

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