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Compliance Enforcement

The Adept Enterprise ® Shoreline Management System helps you to oversee shoreline activities and take action against unauthorized encroachments along your project boundaries. Reinforce your SMP goals by ensuring that adjacent property owners and marinas apply for permits prior to facility development and use. Effortlessly issue, track and collect penalty fees on Notices of Violation for infractions.

The Adept Enterprise Shoreline System is comprised of a comprehensive and versatile toolset that manages and tracks property owner complaints as well as all types of violations. Violation records can be also be generated remotely by inspectors in the field. The system greatly improves inspection response times and helps to coordinate issue resolution requiring involvement with staff from other departments.

Multiple permit violations and encroachment cases can be generated for individual properties and each violation is tracked and resolved separately. Alerts are automatically placed on a property record once a violation record is generated. Seamlessly link letters, images and correspondence with each complaint and violation record. Each individual record has its own unique workflow that is customized for the type of violation.

The Violation History feature provides a historical view of all violation history and resolution data on a property even after multiple property ownership transfers.

As applications are submitted for approval, built in search tools quickly help your staff find the relevant permit or property record. Automated workflow routing assigns pre-defined tasks to responsible parties and track deadlines, helping staff to prioritize their workload. Specific Use and facility specifications, such as size, location and construction materials are entered. During the permit review process, the status of individual permits is automatically updated, identifying the current permit process stage for accurate, on demand reporting and analysis.

The integrated Adept GIS mapping feature gives you the ability to visually target properties with violations by drawing violation layers within your GIS system. You can view cases, inspections and facilities on a property as visual map layers on your existing ESRI maps.

Feature Benefits

    arow-rightSignificantly improve code compliance monitoring and accuracy
    arow-rightAssist legal departments preparing cases against property owners with detailed violation information
    arow-rightRespond to complaints more efficiently and with quicker response times
    arow-rightImprove statistical analysis capabilities with superior query and reporting tools
    arow-rightQuickly process and collect Violation fees

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