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New MyAdept EAAS Enterprise Cloud Release Delivers Security, Integration and Flexibility.

New York, NY, September 30, 2016 – Adept Technologies Inc., is pleased to announce the official release of MyAdept (EaaS) Enterprise advanced cloud computing service that protects the Adept Enterprise® foundation, its modular platforms, infrastructure and data. The Adept Enterprise® Secure is a private cloud enterprise platform that provides convenient, centralized access for the comprehensive management and automation of mission critical systems. Accessing systems in the secure Adept EaaS private cloud environment not only enhances productivity, but also streamlines management processes and enhances working relationships with your business customers, saving time and money.

Adept offers integrated cyber security technology within all of our EaaS Business Process Management software systems. With today’s mounting cyber security threats, Adept mandates that our products and infrastructure must be secured with Adept Secure® services. Adept’s services are coupled with 24X7 monitoring and expert guidance from our professionals.

Every Adept system comes with end to end customization tailored to meet your organization’s unique business processes and growing needs. Adept’s flexible Enterprise as a Service licensing plans provide you with options to purchase only what you need.

Adept customers who are already on the infrastructure will be automatically transitioned to the infrastructure. Adept customers who are running on premise infrastructure that does not meet the Adept Secure® Standards will not be supported.

Adept Technologies, Inc. (Adept) is a New York City-based software development company. For more than fourteen years Adept Technologies has been providing fully integrated enterprise software solutions to corporate and municipal government clients across North America. We built a reputation for providing state of the art software systems with excellence and exceptional customer service. Adept is the leading provider of customizable shoreline and land management software to hydropower project developers, real estate divisions, and issuing agencies. Adept Enterprise is the only application designed to ensure FERC license compliance.

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